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Who Is Monster Mike?

Mike is NJ’s hardest working auto broker. He is NJ’s go-to car guy for buying & leasing cars. Mike prides himself on getting the lowest prices for his clients and saving them countless hours of negotiation with dealerships.

Mike's Mission

I personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction. I will do everything in my power to be your go-to car guy for the rest of your life.

Monster Mike

Just call me direct at 973-957-3400. I look forward to serving you.

Why buy/lease with Monster Mike?
– Lowest Payment Guarantee
– Lease Smarter
– Save money – low monthly payment
– Fast – Buy a car with a phone call
– Save Hours of time
– No Haggling with Dealerships
– No Dealership Visit Required
– No Obligation
– Car delivered to your driveway
– No pressure, no gimmicks
– No way, Yes way!

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  • How does Monster Mike save me money?

    Monster Mike buys a lot of cars for clients. This means dealerships take us (and the clients we represent) very seriously and give us wholesale pricing on every car we buy.

  • What brands do you work with?

    We work with all brands, makes, and models of cars in the NJ & NY markets.

  • How exactly does this service work?

    1) Simply call and let us know what vehicle you want.

    2) We call our contacts at the dealerships, negotiate the lowest price possible, and get back to you with your options. No obligation whatsoever.

    3) We deliver your car directly to your driveway.

  • Monster Mike: The story behind the man

    Mike didn’t start out as an auto broker. Ever since he was a kid he wanted to start his own business. His dad had owned a dump truck, and at age 12 Mike would help his dad every weekend helping his dad service, clean, and maintain the truck. He was proud of that. But the trucking business was tough and eventually the logistics company who was supplying the work to his father and other truck owners, ended up stiffing all the independent operators like his dad, out of 10’s of thousands of dollars and his dad was forced to close his business and look for work.

    This really affected Mike and he wanted to be successful more than ever. Throughout his teen years Mike was an ambitious kid with a chip on his shoulder which got him into trouble more than anything.  Throughout his teens and 20’s Mike was working multiple jobs. He got a job working in the mail room at a company in New York City, and then worked his way up from there.

    Ultimately Mike still wanted to start his own business, and having once heard the term, “do what you can, where you are, with what you have” – Mike started a weekly pooper scooper service business while still working in the city.

    Everyone told him NOT to start his pooper scooper business – his parents, his friends, his co workers all told him it was stupid. For the first 6 months Mike only got 2 weekly pooper scooper customers and a lot of incoming prank phone calls. But he stuck with it, and then after a year mike got about 30 customers. Each day after a long bus ride home from his job in the city, Mike would come home in the dark, put on a headlamp and clean up customer backyards in the freezing cold heart of winter, in the dark.

    Finally after about 18 months Mike left the job in the city. From there on out Mike focused all his energy on the pooper scooper business. Through the next 7 years Mike would work his butt off learning about business, people, himself, and most importantly the value of integrity. He learned all of this the hard way through mistakes and hard, hard work. He learned that life is like a mirror and you have to treat people well, be generous, and put out the energy that you want to experience back.

    Throughout the next 7 years Mike worked hard building his business and a couple years ago Mike set his sights on the auto broker business and began helping his pooper scooper customers with car purchases. Mike poured the same amount of hard work and go-getter mentality that he used to build his first pooper scooper business into his auto broker business and eventually it began picking up traction. Mike built his business one customer at a time, and fought hard to get his clients the lowest prices one deal at a time. Today Mike prides himself on being North Jersey’s go-to car guy.


    Is there an upfront fee or an obligation for using your service?
    There is NO upfront fee and NO obligation for using our service. Monster Mike makes a modest couple hundred dollars profit per car sold, which is built right into the sale price. There is NO upfront fee for our service, and NO obligation.

    I’ve never heard of this type of service?
    The Auto Broker business model has existed for over 30 years. Our success is built by referrals and maintaining a 100% positive reputation. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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